A Foundational Revelation

Posted on May 14th, by Lori in Revelation 1:1-8. 1 Comment

Foundation is the key to any project, from building a relationship to building a house. This is how N.T. Wright sets the tone on Day 1 of 46. (I will affectionately call him NT from now on- short for New Testament Right.) Revelation, singular not plural as the author points out, has always been for me the most mind bending and confusing book of the Bible. I believe it is because I never had a firm foundation of knowledge of which to stand on and view from. Although it is the last book of the Bible, it is the target of which we all are shooting for. Stephen Covey states “start with the end in mind”. If we can grasp what Revelation is all about, I believe it will make sense of what we are here on earth for and what we are to look forward to. The reward for our work. Our story within the big story as Dave says.

My biggest revelation in the study of Revelation for Everyone is on page 3. It states “Revelation- the idea and the book are based on the ancient Jewish belief that God’s sphere of being and operation (heaven) and our sphere (earth) are not after all separated by a great gulf……The early Christians believed that Jesus of Nazareth had become, in person, the place where heaven and earth met.” Revelation began here on earth in a manger in Bethlehem, on the cross on a hill called Golgotha and then in a nearby empty tomb. It was not in some faraway place we have come to think of as heaven; it was here on earth where the foundation began. The Book of Revelation is not some weird fluke that was stuck on the end of the Bible to confuse us; it is where Christ’s story continues and where we get a glimpse into what to expect when we hook up to join it. If we view the Book of Revelation knowing this is the foundation for the rest of the story, somehow it doesn’t seem to be so distant, mysterious, freaky or confusing. It is just another brick set on the foundation of the ongoing story. Let’s see how the rest of the story is built.

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  • Amy Gafkjen

    New Testament Right- I love it!! 🙂