A Promise

Posted on May 14th, by Ryan in Revelation 1:1-8. No Comments

Recently, a friend of mine, facing a difficult situation, asked out loud if Jesus would just come again and save her from the hardship she would otherwise surely face. Astonished at the unorthodox request, I realized that If pressed I would have to admit that I did believe that Jesus would return to Earth–but I hadn’t thought about that belief in a long time. The last time I remember was in my high school, a Baptist school, when it was newsworthy that someone had claimed that the rapture would occur at a time that I would normally find myself in Biology. We stopped class to watch the clock tick down to the revealed hour. I admit to being nervous sitting among my classmates praying I wouldn’t be the only one left in that classroom in eleven seconds. The revelator said that the time is near. Then it was a threat. Now it’s a (newly rediscovered) promise.

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