Addiction and Babylon, Same Problem–Same Solution

Posted on June 19th, by Lori in Revelation 18:1-8. No Comments

“Wickedness has turned on itself” as NT says. This is the mantra of addiction.

Anyone who has been addicted to anything started out loving and enjoying the very thing that in the end turned on them and destroyed them. Addiction is the rotting of the soul. Souls stuck in pain, trying to find their way out through pleasure, but ultimately if left untreated, find death and destruction.

This is not unlike the city of Babylon. It has an addiction problem; it loves pleasure and it’s selfishness to death. “She mixes her own poisons, (verse 6) she made herself glorious and lived in luxury.” (verse 7.) Like watching our loved ones self destruct, we don’t want to be a witness to their demise or the demise of this city. However, they both have been warned numerous times, as to the consequences of their actions and have yet to humble themselves to healing. As the theme of Revelation continues the ultimate treatment and recovery for both addiction and the city is the same… freedom that is found in the blood of the lamb that is life giving and soul redeeming.

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