Battling the Unseen Dragon

Posted on June 8th, by Lori in Revelation 12:7-18. No Comments

Clarity has come. The dragon is Satan cast out of heaven down to earth, the women running is the church, her children are all those who believe, and the earth is the earth. Got it.

I also get that most of our lives we battle the unseen dragon in our life. Those powers, forces, energy etc. that thwart anything good, any life, or creation that we might bring to the earth or heaven is truly the hidden enemy. Our thoughts, (which are our own personal dragon), are usually our biggest enemy and Satan, (the ultimate dragon), knows right where to get us; again, unseen and only in our minds. A little plug if you will. Joyce Meyers, a well known biblical speaker, has a great series entitled, Battlefield of the Mind. A great tool for this issue and well worth checking out.

But as John and NT both say, Satan knows the end of the story, he is ultimately defeated, but he is not giving up without a fight and trying to take us all down with him. We must continue to fight the fight in our faith as those who have gone before us, as we continue to slay the unseen dragon in our own lives. So much easier said than done.

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