Blind Spot

Posted on May 23rd, by Ryan in Revelation 3:14-22. No Comments

I’m going to give the Laodecians the benefit of the doubt: we all have a blind spot regarding our own behavior and our own misconceptions about how we come across and how peopled perceive us.

Good friends come in handy when you lose your perspective, when you lose objectivity. Now, obviously, I don’t mean the term “handy” to mean “pleasant”
I know that Abraham was called a friend of God but I hadn’t realized that term was used for others (and if others, presumably us, and if us then presumably me.) This is odd to me though because Revelation has broken my beard/ultimate frisbee Jesus image and replaced it with a more respectful and fearsome fall dead/brass feet/eyes of fire Jesus and then, verses later… friends with God.
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