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What Am I Missing?

28th June

I stand corrected. The waters stand for people, multitudes, and languages.

Other than that, I’m kind of lost with all of the kings but I get the point that the Lamb conquers them all. What then, is the moment for the wise and discerning mind? Isn’t the whole point that the lamb wins? What am I missing here?

The Main Thing is…

19th June

…to keep the main thing the main thing. This phrase, coined by “7 Habits” guru Stephen Covey and used by the rest of the world, reminds us to stay focused on what’s important. In this passage, it comes in verse 14: “They will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is the Lord of lords and the King of kings.”

So no matter how many kings are in the Roman lineage or what trials you might experience in our modern Babylon, the main thing is this: Jesus WINS. As an heir to His Kingdom, so can you and I. Join with him to win the victory over the lies and empty promises of the false gods in our day.

The Bourne Ultimatum or the Ultimate Bourne

18th June

As NT says,” all this may seem to be complex beyond the point of comprehensibility, but the abiding and overriding lesson for the church then and now is clear…. The brutal but seductive civilizations and national empires which ensnare the world by promising luxury and delivering slavery gain their power from the monster, The System of Imperial Power.”

So my family’s favorite genre of movies is those that involve some sort of governmental involvement that has gone haywire with power with the good guy coming in and revealing all the evil. The Bourne Series, is our all time favorite (number four is coming, but I digress) because in the end the powerful government that programmed Jason Bourne to be an evil killing machine gets theirs, bit by bit or revelation by revelation through the current three part series.

So too, is the …

The State: Friend or Foe?

18th June

In our passage today, we find the State at war with Jesus and his followers. This has been a major theme throughout the Book of Revelation. The question of the Church’s attitude toward the State is an important matter for all of us to consider. The Church and State are separated here in the USA, but the issue is far from settled as to what this entails. For some, the separation of Church and State means the Church should stay completely out of politics. There is a negative attitude toward Christianity from left-leaning politics. For others, the role of the Church is to influence the State by voting in the “right” politicians (understood to be Republicans) so that we can pass laws and appoint Supreme Court Justices that support the Judeo-Christian moral code, all to the end of “Taking Back …

I Don’t Do Math

18th June

My degree is in English and I’m a writer by trade. I’m a just free range syllable slinger. Numbers just ain’t my thang. The cogs in my brain machine seize up when John starts listing off ten horns, seven hills, ten kings, no wait, seven, I mean eight. It’s no surprise then that my eyes gravitate toward these number-free words in this passage: “. . . the lamb will conquer them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings. Those with him are called and chosen and faithful.”

But I think it’s more than their numberlessness that attracts me to these words. Among the terrifying imagery of Revelation, I appreciate this reminder of the Truth–our God reigns. He’s always true to himself and to his people. His true love conquers all. That’s something I know I can “count” on.

Even the Wrath of Men

18th June

Leviticus 21 describes the appropriate punishment for a priest’s daughter who becomes a prostitute. It’s not pretty. More to the point, it’s nearly repeated verbatim in Revelation 17.16-17 when John describes what the beast and the ten kings do to the whore of Babylon. They strip her, eat her, burn her, and kill her. As we previously mentioned, the whore of Babylon is not an actual person, but a personification of those who cooperate with the Empire. She’s (figuratively) the woman who sells her soul to get ahead. She is described as being fixated on sensuality (17.2,4), exploitation (18.13), commerce (18.11-13), violence (17.6), fraud (17.8), and idolatry (18.7). It’s easy to decry those things when they’re listed in such negative terms, but most of us are more familiar with their popular names: pleasure, ease, success, victory, spin, and self-preservation. Perhaps …