Category: Revelation 18:9-24

The Selling of Human Souls

26th June

Human slavery has been going on for centuries with different people groups lording over other people groups. In the end, the master as well as the slaves, are both slaves; one to power and one to submission. As a matter of fact, aren’t we all slaves to something?

NT points out how John lists all the luxury items of that day that are being sold. At the end of that list is bodies….human lives. As most people know this practice is still going on today, here in the U.S. as well as around the world. Sweat shops, exploitation and those goods produced in other countries have notably been in the news. International domestic and migrant workers have also been referenced as potentially having slave to master relationships, when abuse is taking place. Human sex trafficking is rampant, even in our contemporary …

The Great Fall

20th June

Are you sick of all this judgment yet? I know I’m getting there. I feel like, “Yeah, yeah…I get it already! Can we move on now?”

As I groped for a modern equivalent, it occurred to me that this scene is like the fall of Sauron at the end of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. When Frodo finally casts the ring into Mount Doom, it takes several minutes of screen tie for the mountain to blow its top, the eye to extinguish and Sauron’s great tower and walls to finally fall. If all you’d seen was the 10 minutes leading up to the finale, it would probably seem like Peter Jackson waaaaay overdid it in his treatment of Mordor’s collapse. But if you watched the whole way through the trilogy (or had read the books even once), you relished every …

God’s Underground Railroad

20th June

Tonight I was listening to a story on NPR about human trafficking. According to a new State Department report approximately 27 million people are enslaved–more than any other time in human history (and yes, 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation). Apparently one of the reasons it’s so rampant is that it’s been allowed to go unchecked for so long. It fell under the “that’s not really happening” category, so the practice has been allowed to continue to gain momentum unchecked for the most part.

Sister Azezet Kinkane, a nun and nurse for Physicans for Human Rights – Israel was being honored for her work against human slavery, was asked if the problem of human slavery could be eradicated in our lifetime. She said, “God can change our hearts. If our heart change and all of us – we focus on respect …

Who’s Singing the Blues?

20th June

How was the peasant worker in Guatemala, who makes $6 a day, affected by the American economic crisis in 2008-2009? Were the bank accounts and property values of the masses of people in the Sudan affected by it? Do you think those struggling to survive in the slums of Sao Polo, Brazil are concerned about America’s GDP and GNP? Were there tears in the eyes of those on the streets of Calcutta because the stock market plunged to near Great Depression numbers? Was there job loss in the war-torn Congo? America is having economic problems and the poor of the world don’t care. They are not crying about it. They are unaffected. What we call financial crisis, they see as great wealth. Abundant wealth. Obscene wealth. Who are the one’s that care and are crying? Well, the American people for …

Three Laments and a Jig

20th June

If the last three sections of Revelation have been able the evils of Babylon, then this section is undoubtedly about the evils of her suitors—the kings of the earth, the merchants, and the mariners. Just as Babylon was a corrupted city whose own evil eventually destroyed her, so too Babylon’s suitors are corrupt men whose greed and self-interest have now been depleted. With her demise, they die too (in one way or another).

The kings mourned the loss of their pimp (‘they fornicated with her and shared her luxury’). Babylon was their pleasure center, the focal point of their illicit and self-indulgent relationship with excess. With her destruction, the kings have no way to work out their kinks. It is amusing, though, that the kings mourn her from a distance. They’ll miss her, but not enough to run up and say …