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Don’t Mind If “I Do”

21st June

The double doors opened and my fellow retreat participants and I were ushered into a room lit only by candleight. When my eyes started to adjust I could make out figures moving around the room. The figures it turns out were men dressed in starched white shirts, black pants and bow ties. They were carrying plates to long formal tables set with linen and china. Still dazzed, we were each guided to a table and our chairs were pulled out for us by these formally dressed waiters. I looked across the table at the other women. Everyone looked simultaneously puzzled and pleased. No one said a word. Finally, the woman next to me put her hand on my arm to get my attention and pointed over to the corner of the room. There I saw a beautifully decorated, multi-tier wedding …

Hugs All Around

21st June

I must have movies stuck in my head now, because this scene reminds me of that moment at the end of every movie where the conflict is resolved and everyone left standing claps each other other on the back and laughs in relief. Whew, we made it! Hugs all around!

It also reminds me of when I finished my final project for my master’s degree. It didn’t even matter that I hadn’t gotten my stoll and diploma, I was DONE! I survived a near-death experience, coped with a debilitating and poorly-understood illness, experienced supernatural healing from that illness, and rode the roller coaster of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering of my first child during the course of my studies. Though God undoubtedly supported me through every step and I loved the learning process, there’s no parallel to the celebration welling up in …

Wedding and Marriage: Costly and Innate

21st June

NT commentates on the ludicrousness of extravagant weddings in Britain of which he finds both sad and encouraging. He is sad that we in the West have commercialized a covenantal religious ceremony to the tune of thousands of dollars for one day. That we focus on the wedding and not the marriage is really messed up.

But is this not a mirror for how we treat Christ in our “marriage” or covenant relationship? Do we focus on the wedding, the fun stuff, the shiny pure linen (verse 8) we get to wear on our day. The stuff that makes our faith walk so great and wonderful in the moment instead of doing the real work that a marital relationship requires for the long haul. To build trust, and love and have on- going communication goes beyond the wedding day. And so …

Sacred Romance

21st June

We have all been to weddings. I went to one just this summer. Much preparation went into the event. Invitations were sent out. The couple impatiently counted the days down. The day arrives. Everyone is dressed up. The guests are seated. The proud parents take their place in the front row. Music is playing. The groom and pastor take their positions. The bridesmaids and groomsmen begin to flounce down the aisle. The stage is now set. The music now shifts. Everyone stands with great anticipation. The groom stares longingly at the door for the bride. She appears! A flood of adoring whispers cascades through the crowd. The bride beams with excitement. The day has finally come. She drinks it all in. The father of the bride gives her hand in marriage to the groom. You know the rest…

This is the …

Am I the Last One to Write on Messengers?

21st June

I think all five of my counterparts have (at some point) mentioned that the Greek word for angel (angellos) is the same as the Greek word for messenger, and was sometimes also used for bishop or pastor. The word is intended to describe anyone—human or supra-human—who delivers God’s word on God’s behalf.

In this section of The Revelation, amidst all the cool stuff about the marriage supper of the lamb, I’m most struck by John’s proclivity to worship the angelic messenger. The message is that Babylon has fallen and will never rise, that Christ has won the decisive victory, and that it is now time to celebrate. It’s a fantastic message. But John does what we all tend to do, he falls in love with the messenger because he’s so overwhelmed by the good news.

This happens all the time. We idolize …