Category: Revelation 20:7-15

The Death of Death

26th June

In this passage we find the judgment of the Satan and of all persons who ever lived. Satan is let loose for a final hurrah. He rallies the nations against God and God’s people. In short order, however, Satan is burned up by fire from heaven. He is thrown into the lake of burning fire. He faces the same fate as the beast and false prophet. Satan is now gone for good. No one weeps for him. Again, questions abound. Why was Satan let loose again? Was he release from prison for good behavior? Also, if Satan is so easy to destroy, why keep him around? I mean, why not toast him now? It seems effortless on God’s part. This is no slug-fest between God and Satan. Satan is easily vanquished. In any case, the judgment of spiritual forces shows …

My Head Hurts

26th June

Dave spent a lot of time dealing with the Final Judgment in his sermon. I’m quite sure I have no brilliant observations to add. In fact, the more I try to reconcile what is happening here with what I know and what appears in Matthew 25: 31-45, the more my head hurts.

Which, I guess, is why YHWH is God and I am not. Deep in my spirit I don’t worry about my “salvation” because I am continuously being saved every day. I know I still need saving, but I know I am safe. This passage is a reminder to me that it is not my job to understand everything. It is my job to love God and love others to the best of my current limited understanding and trust that my God in heaven who loves me and loves the …

No Replays

26th June

I love college football. I have loved it since I was very young. One aspect I appreciate about technology and football is the concept of instant replay. If you missed some part of the game, you can watch it again immeditely. Great for all us spectators but sometimes not so great for the players. That fumble that could have been avoided or the sack the quarterback just endured. Not always pretty the first time it happened let alone on replay.

As we come to the final judgment portion of this entire book of Revelation and of the entire Bible, I am very happy that there is no instant replay of our life. IT IS FINISHED as Jesus stated on the cross. That is WHY he died so it could finally be finished.

So as NT and our astute Pastor Dave have said, …

Our Courageous God

25th June

Dear God, Thank you for being a God of courage. You are willing to confront evil at every level and in all places. I’ve become so accustomed to living in a sin saturated world that I’m not sure I would even be able to recognize how deep and prevalent it really is, much less have the courage to confront it head-on and say enough is enough. Thank you for your perfect justice even when it demands a high price from you personally. Thank you for your mercy on us and your unmatchable patience. Your judgements are right and true. Your sentences are fair and justified. Forever grateful, VL

The Sword of Shannara

24th June

One of the first fantasy novels I read was ‘The Sword of Shannara’ by Terry Brooks. It’s now a classic, and it introduced me to the marvelous capabilities of SF fiction to ask truly difficult questions about meaning and the human experience.

And trolls.

And magic.

And swords.

The protagonist, Shea, is a pure-hearted young man without any real combat acumen, magical powers or wisdom. In fantasy lit, that pretty much makes him useless. But the secret of the whole book is that Shea’s innocence is actually what makes him so special. The fantastical world is under threat by the evil Warlock Lord, who is said to be vulnerable only to the Sword of Shannara (stay with me here). No one knows what the sword does, only that Shea is destined to use it against the villain. At the end of the book, Shea …