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Christian Re-Incarnation

26th June

We are at the climax of the Book of Revelation with chapters 21 and 22. We finally turn from the terrible troubles, suffering, and tribulations of the Church on earth and the judgments of God on those causing the trouble, suffering, and tribulation. Beyond judgment, there is the creation of a new heaven and earth. God gave the promise of a new heaven and earth to the Prophet Isaiah. In Isaiah, God promised that he would “create new heavens and a new earth” (65:17), which would last forever (66:22).

We are given a brief, but beautiful, description of it in Revelation 21. We are told that God will wipe every tear from our eyes. Death will be no more. There will be no more mourning, crying or pain. The old order of creation has passed. But the best part of the …


26th June

If you’re reading this blog, technology is a reality for you. For most of us, technology evolution has become a way of life. We’ve gotten used to buying new hardware every few years, getting the latest operating system for our phones and computers, and applying security patches and software updates regularly. With something new comes two feelings: excitement and trepidation. When you get a shiny new phone or finally upgrade your sorry home computer, there’s a thrill of excitement at all the possibilities. I can do so much more! Things will get done so much faster! Ah, check out how gorgeous everything looks! However, there’s also a little fear. Will I be able to navigate in a new piece of software? What if something changed I don’t know about? How do I put this thing on silent?

That’s how I feel …


25th June

Behold—all things are made new (verse 5). What a great verse of hope. Have you ever felt like brand new? Perhaps after a restful long vacation or you have beaten a deadly illness, or the ‘empty nest’ has come and you can create a whole new future. This is but a glimpse of the real deal.

Newness itself will be made new as NT says. It will not be a reboot of the current heaven and earth but a whole new heaven and earth, new bodies, new roads, new food, new stuff to explore, new EVERYTHING. How great is that.

As a kid in Sunday School we used to sing a song that I think is straight out of this passage: Perhaps you know it as well: Heaven is a wonderful place… Filled with glory and grace…. I want to see my …

Happy Tears

25th June

Today at the dinner table my fourteen year old said, “Today’s sermon was great. For the first time I wanted to cry about heaven because I was happy instead of crying because I was afraid.” I can’t blame her for being fearful. As much detail as John offers us and as fine a commentary as N.T. Wright has provided, it’s still a mysterious, albeit amazing, destiny.

This passage talks about God dwelling among his people, actually “tabernacling” with us (don’t you love turning nouns into verbs?) He will finally be able to enjoy the kind of intimate, fatherly relationship he’s desired all along and we with him. It’s hard for me to believe that being in such proximity to God will not evoke a lot of tears, the happy kind, like the kind we get on “this side” during wholehearted worship …


25th June

God the Father speaks in verse 5 for only the second time in Revelation. From the Throne he calls out ‘behold—I make all things new.’ I’d like to suggest that glossing over that little phrase has led to boredom, error, and hopelessness in many of our contemporary churches. Why? Simply because there is a vast difference between ‘making all things new’ and ‘making all new things.’

If, for example, we believe in a God who ‘makes all new things’ then—subconsciously or otherwise—we believe in a God who is content to start over whenever he pleases. Our beliefs about heaven and eternal life are thus affected: we think God is going to do away with everything we know and love and give us something better…only, how could it be better? Will I get a better wife? Better children? What if I want …