Category: Revelation 21:6-21

Back to the Future

28th June

My husband was a fan of of the series Fringe, a sci fi television series that centered on characters on either side of a parallel universe. Things always got intriguing when characters (or beings of some sort) passed from one side to the other. It’s likely the producers of the show didn’t intend for someone like me to draw spiritual comparisons between fictional parallel worlds and the reality of the spiritual realm and our physical world, but thank you N.T. Wright for the reminder that “there are signs that this reality [our future world] keeps peeping through even in the present world of death and tears.” Understanding that I am in the midst of eternity now and that what I do and how I choose to spend my days matters, both now and on the “other side,.” gives life significance, …

Close to God’s Heart

28th June

I love color! While I don’t wear much jewelry, I love looking at the brilliant color in fine stones. So, for the first time in the history of this project I did a little searching outside Revelation for Everyone for information. I wanted to see a photo of the brilliant colors in the walls of the New Jerusalem.

And I found some crazy stuff! I laughed and almost cried at some of what I saw. But among the crazy stuff I did find something that I belived: the colors of the wall are the same colors as the breastplate on the High Priest’s garments. In other words, what used to be open only to the High Priest is now open to all of us. Only the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies, the very dwelling place of God, …

Edifice Complex

27th June

Pastors are sometimes accused of having an edifice complex. They like to build buildings. It is an understandable phenomenon. Much of what a pastor does cannot be measured concretely like other jobs. If you are a carpenter, you can walk away at the end of the day and see that you built a table or a garage. If you are in business, you can see what your earnings are in your cash register. Pastoral work is spiritual in nature. You can spend years with a congregation and not really see much growth. The church may even spilt due to conflict or when one pastor leaves. Pastors can invest large amounts of time in persons, only to have them walk away from their faith, their family, or their church. Some missionaries have spent years in foreign lands with only a few …

Why the Boring Bits are Sometimes the Most Fun

27th June

This section of The Revelation involves John tediously describing the dimensions of heaven’s walls, the names of heaven’s gates, and the materials used in the construction of heaven’s foundations. I admit, I used to treat these descriptions as the apocalyptic equivalent of genealogies, and still partly do, but some recent study has revealed there’s more going on in those laborious details than I’d first imagined.

Quelle surprise.

The “cubit” for example, has a history prior to its standardization as a unit of measurement. Much like our “foot” was the approximate size of a grown man’s actual foot before it ever became standardized into 12 inches, the cubit was the rough measurement of a man’s forearm (from wrist to elbow). Several Catholic scholars have noted that—since John’s description of the heavenly city brings the natural and the supernatural together—he likely intended the “cubit” …