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Jesus, the Messiah

18th July

When we started on this blogging journey, my first post was a prayer. I told God, “I want to see right into your world and let it change mine.” That truly was the desire of my heart starting out, and really, how could my world not be changed by this revelation–of Jesus. Never before have I studied Revelation with such a consistent focus on Jesus, who is the letter’s appropriate and rightful centerpiece. He is the one in whom heaven and earth meet. In him there is light and no darkness at all.

Dear God,

How could I have missed your revelation–of Jesus–all these years? I was too caught up in timelines and puzzles and re-reading the “pretty parts” about the crystal sea, the pearl gates and the dazzling foundation of the new Jerusalem. But there it was right in verse one–“the …

The Invitation is Given

18th July

Have you ever received a long-anticipated invitation? Yesterday I received a wedding invitation on Facebook (I know, Facebook?) from a good friend. He’s been through the ringer with a couple of rocky relationships and I believe he’s finally in a healthy relationship with a woman who’s a real match for him. When I received the invitation my heart just bubbled up with excitement. Now THIS is going to be fun! I couldn’t wait to RSVP with an enthusiastic, “YES! I’ll be there.”

That’s exactly the feeling I get from this passage. “The spirit and the bride say ‘Come!’ Let anyone who hears say ‘Come!’ Let the thirsty come; let anyone who wants the water of life take it freely.” Wow. If that’s not an invitation worth an positive RSVP, I don’t know what is. A perfected creation teeming with life. A …

Revelation Redeemed

18th July

I began this blog series with the confession that I had become leery of the Book of Revelation and of the whole field in theology called eschatology. I had allowed my uninformed reading of the Book of Revelation and the crazy interpretations that I heard from wacko preachers and quirky commentators shape my understanding and attitude towards the book. Fortunately, scholars like N. T. Wright, George Ladd, Bruce Metzger, and others have given me insight and guidance into the book. I am now glad that the Church included this writing into the Canon of Scripture. It has a marvelous message and is beautifully structured, even if it still seems strange in some details and imagery. Revelation is redeemed. I hope that you feel the same. Pastor Dave and the other bloggers have done a great job of showing how relevant …

Final Revelations on Revelation

18th July

And so we come to the end of this wild, crazy, difficult and amazing book which for me has been a great healing experience and one that has stretched me into new thinking. Healing, as I have stated all along, that has helped my view of the end to go from literal to symbolic, judgment to grace, wrath to love. Healing, this in turn, will help me– to help heal the world. I hear God say he’s got my back, justice will come, it will ALL be made right, just wait, I am coming soon so get the word out.

My new revelations on Revelation that I now have come to understand about this book are: (a) That this book was written by John to the seven churches but we are also the seven churches (b) That most of this book …

What Do You Mean Soon?

18th July

Four times in the final chapter of The Revelation Jesus indicates that he’s coming soon. The book was written nearly two millennia before now, so I am prone to wonder if I have a different concept of soonishness than Christ. Or Paul, for that matter, since Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4 that he anticipated Christ to return within his lifetime. Matthew and Mark seem to have also gotten this confused, according to chapters 24 & 13 respectively.

Time is a slippery subject in The Revelation, teasing us with the knowledge that Christ will come but not guaranteeing when or how.

Still, some speculate about his coming and others predict when it will occur, while still many others live in spiritual anxiety and dis-ease. Ironically, it seems that the people most concerned with the future are least concerned with preparing for it—doing …