Close to God’s Heart

Posted on June 28th, by Christy in Revelation 21:6-21. No Comments

I love color! While I don’t wear much jewelry, I love looking at the brilliant color in fine stones. So, for the first time in the history of this project I did a little searching outside Revelation for Everyone for information. I wanted to see a photo of the brilliant colors in the walls of the New Jerusalem.

And I found some crazy stuff! I laughed and almost cried at some of what I saw. But among the crazy stuff I did find something that I belived: the colors of the wall are the same colors as the breastplate on the High Priest’s garments. In other words, what used to be open only to the High Priest is now open to all of us. Only the High Priest would go into the Holy of Holies, the very dwelling place of God, and then only once a year. In essence, now the whole city is the Holy of Holies. Everyone is now able to come in (because the gates are never shut) and enjoy intimacy traditionally reserved for the ultra elite. Talk about opening the flood gates! It’s like being let in to the very heart of God. What a beautiful place to be.

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