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I grew up with a biblical tradition that leaned much more toward the literal than is reflected in N.T. Wright’s interpretations of Revelation. When Jesus called us the “salt” of the earth, we weren’t expected to see ourselves as human shaped salt shakers. It wasn’t “that” literal, but a lot of the imagery presented in a book like Revelation was definitely assigned to actual geographic locations, assigning actual modern day political regimes as those facing off in Armageddon and so on (which looking back seems pretty egocentric, but that’s an issue for another blog). What I want to say is that I appreciate N.T. Wright’s abiity to help us sort through John’s intentions for his readers–sometimes references to First Testament passages and othertimes nods to the political/social issues happening in the world of the first readers of his words. Dare I say it, Wright’s interpretation of the symbols is actually helping me make sense of Revelation. No small feat!

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