Destroy the Evidence

Posted on June 5th, by Lori in Revelation 10:1-11. No Comments

When I was in third grade my fellow classmate, Tom, was caught passing a note to a friend. The teacher caught him and asked that he bring the note to her. With no hesitation, he crumbled up the note and ate it. I couldn’t believe it and obviously I still remember that incident. Hard to forget wouldn’t you say? To avoid discipline, he destroyed the evidence. Do we not do the same? Hide evidence when busted by God or our own self conscience? Was not Adam and Eve busted in the garden for their sin and then tried to hide the evidence with a fig leaf?

I feel like that is what is being asked of John in verse 9 when he is instructed to eat the little scroll. , Don’t write it down (verse 4) and destroy the evidence “that there would be no more time”. John’s message to the churches as described in Revelation is still the same message we are to abide by today. There is no more time to keep doing what we are doing. We must destroy the evidence of sin in our lives and in the end, it will be like sweetness in our mouth but really hard to digest.

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