Drinking the Cup

Posted on June 19th, by Christy in Revelation 17:1-8. No Comments

I couldn’t help but think of Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland. In the early 2000s, Europe heralded the coming of the Euro, the currency that would unite the continent in convenience and prosperity. Now, just over a decade later there are riots in these countries: unemployment for the young in Spain tops 60%; the Irish refuse to pay the latest round of new taxes; young Italians have school funding cut so deep there are up to 60 students in a standard classroom; Greeks have their pensions cut so far they can no longer afford the modest mortgages they easily managed only a few years ago.


Yes, our friends across the pond were misled by the lies of today’s economic Babylon. We in America are not too far behind. We have all become slaves to our modern beast. The whore and her monster are laughing as they take our world economy for a ride and we all discover how Prosperity and Security are just as much false gods as Apollo and Aphrodite.

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