Enlightenment Alone is Not Enough

Posted on June 1st, by Lori in Revelation 8:6-13. No Comments

Wow where should I begin. There is so much in this section and NT does an excellent job of unpacking it.   NT raises the point, Why would God destroy his own creation that he loves so much. If he came to heal the world why is he now blowing it up?. Because he has had it with mankind or the ‘earth dwellers’ as NT labels them. His patience has finally run out. Destruction is all the earth dwellers can understand for the consequences of ignoring God‘s ways for so long. Remember the flood, God was really ticked off then, but made a promise that he would never destroy the earth again; until now.

And so to avoid this kind of devastation we the earth dwellers believe WE have the solution to avoid such catastrophe. NT points out that in today’s modern day Western thinking we believe we can use enlightenment to blow away all evil. He states:

…We are still inclined, in the Western world at least, to pretend to ourselves that the world has really become quite a pleasant place, with evil merely a blip on the horizon with which we can deal easily enough. However great the contrary evidence, this modern myth of the eradication of evil through enlightenment; leaving only a few minor mopping operations before Utopia finally arrives, has taken such a hold on popular imagination that any idea of God having to do anything powerful and destructive to address the problem is regarded as far too drastic; far too dramatic.

This is my greatest revelation in Revelation yet. That the “new age movement” thinkers think they can fix this level of evil among the earth dwellers. That they alone can heal the world. That if we are kind enough and loving enough to each other, and to the earth, that we can fix all the problems of evil and avoid God’s eventual wrath.  While loving each other and the earth are both great things, it is not the ultimate fix. Only the blood of the Lamb that has been poured out for us and referenced throughout this book (which by the way is the ultimate love) is the true answer. That is the message we have to get out into the world. Light bulbs are going off now!!


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