Everybody’s Doing It

Posted on May 19th, by Lori in Revelation 2:18-29. No Comments

In my last post I spoke of the outside world wanting to squeeze us into their mold and resisting the temptations of that pressure. But have you ever been tempted, taunted or teased by “fellow Christians,” those companion sojourners who would minimize the effects of sin; all but using the name of Jesus and the Bible as justification for such behavior?
 I was a victim of such pressure back in my 20’s and I quickly realized I had no reference point for how to handle it. It totally blew my mind at the time that Christians would succumb to such crazy thinking and that they would believe it was ok with Jesus to engage in such behavior and pressure others also. On top of that, they tried to make me believe I was the bad guy, even labeling me a prude for not complying with them. I was really confused and felt so betrayed. My self-doubt kicked into high gear.  Eventually I came to realize this line of thinking (of asking me to compromise my convictions) was nuts!
And so in the letter to Thyatira, the warning is given that such behavior; both by those pressuring and those engaging in, is not tolerated by Christ. That the one whose “eyes are like flames and feet like brass”, will not tolerate such blatant immorality by church members. Although it took me years realize that I was not the one in the wrong and as hard as it was to stand up to other “fellow Christians”, it would be even harder to look Christ in the face at judgment day and say, “Sorry, everybody was doing it so I didn’t see the problem.”  Really, do we think that’s going to fly come judgment day! I would much rather be given the morning star as stated in verse 28. Trying to keep your eyes on the prize is most difficult, but in the end it’s the most rewarding.  

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