Posted on May 15th, by Ryan in Revelation 1:9-20. 2 comments

For years, I’ve rated pictures of Jesus according to how handsome the man in the picture is. (FYI: the most handsome Jesus is at the Y Center in Jackson, MI.) I’ve seen some blonde and some black Jesus’s but most have brown hair and a brown beard.
John’s picture of Jesus is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I worship a superhero: he cuts with his words. He’s more than a superhero though, he’s like a god here… he is a god. He is God. What a fantastic Jesus Jesus is.

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  • Chad Cecil

    Love it man. That picture at the “Y” always makes me cringe. If Christianity’s interpretation of Christ is so off base, what is the rest of the world’s image of Him becoming?  I’m looking forward to a fantastic next few weeks in Rev.

  • Amy Gafkjen

    Jesus is a really fantastic Jesus- agreed!