From Where Have We Fallen?

Posted on May 16th, by Lori in Revelation 2:1-7. No Comments

Although this letter was written to the church people of Ephesus, I am fully aware that we are also those people just many, many years later and the warning is for us as well. NT quotes verses 4 and 5 to read, “You have forsaken the love you first had in the beginning. So remember the place from which you have fallen.” God was reminding the church people how far they had fallen since they first started the early church and he implored them to repent.

My revelation on this part of Revelation is to allow ourselves to ponder how far our love has fallen since the original Fall from the Garden of Eden. Our Fall, as well as the Ephesians, goes back far beyond just the early church. The warning appears to be for the immediate day until Verse 7 where it takes us “back to the future.” It states, “The tree of life (originally in the Garden of Eden) stands in God’s paradise (heaven) and I will give anyone who conquers (death through the cross) the right to eat from it.”  Not only was this promise given to the church at Ephesus, but it is given to all who have come since then and who love, repent and believe in Christ.

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