Glory and Pain

Posted on June 8th, by Christy in Revelation 12:1-6. No Comments

So…I’ve given birth to a child. Agony is a good word for it. Messy and bloody complete this lovely mental image. Clothed with the sun, standing on the moon, wearing a crown of 12 stars…not so much. What a strange and glorious picture! What an unusual juxtaposition, radiant glory paired with uncertainty and pain.

Dr. Wright said the woman represents the church. As I pondered this passage, I began to see what an accurate representation that really is. Can’t we all say we’ve basked in the radiant glory of God in the community that is the church. At the same time, can’t we also say that some of our deepest wounds have come from this community as well? I know it is certainly true of me. The intersection of our greatest hope and our deepest suffering occurs at the crossroads between God and humankind. Abba, we need Your son our Savior!

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