God’s Patience

Posted on June 2nd, by Vicky in Revelation 9:1-12. No Comments

The images of the “locusts” brought to mind that giant flying otherworldly “fish” monster from the movie “The Avengers”–they came out of a sky portal and terrorized the people below them. But just like the movie, John’s descriptions seem to fantasical to be real whatever they actually turn out to be. Having never lived anywhere even remotely close to a warzone, this Midwesterner has a hard time wrapping her brain on what this attack will really look and feel like, other than outrageously scary.

I have to keep in mind that while these things are happening God is not wringing his hands in delight and doing one of those evil laughs like a villan in a moive. He is and will be heartbroken that is has to come to this. He knows the perfect and lovely and peaceful life he had planned for us and has had to watch us marr and mangle it over and over again, oftentimes very intentionally, and taking pride in the mess we’ve made.

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