God’s Underground Railroad

Posted on June 20th, by Vicky in Revelation 18:9-24. No Comments

Tonight I was listening to a story on NPR about human trafficking. According to a new State Department report approximately 27 million people are enslaved–more than any other time in human history (and yes, 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation). Apparently one of the reasons it’s so rampant is that it’s been allowed to go unchecked for so long. It fell under the “that’s not really happening” category, so the practice has been allowed to continue to gain momentum unchecked for the most part.

Sister Azezet Kinkane, a nun and nurse for Physicans for Human Rights – Israel was being honored for her work against human slavery, was asked if the problem of human slavery could be eradicated in our lifetime. She said, “God can change our hearts. If our heart change and all of us – we focus on respect of other person – yes. It will change. But if we are selfish and think only about our own business and our own pride and money, will not. So I do pray so God to touch our hearts or we can change our world.”

Amen Sister. I hear a shadow God and heal the world message there.

I glance over at my happy, healthy fourteen year old playing Wii bowling with her dad here in our safe suburban family room and think of what a nightmare her life would be if she was in Burma or Nigeria or even Egypt. Actually, I don’t want to think of it. It is unthinkable.

As incidious and chilling and evil as modern slavery is, the truth is every human being is born enslaved. Seriously, where would we be without the Lord, the only one who can provide eternal emancipation? What did we ever do to deserve such mercy and grace? As the good Sister said, “God can change our hearts.”

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