Hanging on Each Word

Posted on May 15th, by Christy in Revelation 1:9-20. No Comments

It’s only day 2 and we’re already in the thick of symbolic language and imagery. As I suspected, Wright unpacks a lot of this symbolism focusing on the glory and majesty of the risen Christ. So, with John as my example, I sat in the Spirit for a while (otherwise known as prayer) asking God what he wants me to see here.

As I read the passage again and continued to pray, I noticed that John describes Jesus using his right hand to hold up the seven stars. At first glance that seemed pretty ordinary and I was tempted to move on. But then I noticed just a few verses down that Jesus also uses his right hand to reach out to John. Which means that Jesus set down the stars to in order to pick up his friend and disciple.

Wow! What does that say about Jesus’ character? He willingly sets down his authority and majesty to help an ordinary human with an ordinary need. What a powerful image, what an amazing example to follow. Dear Jesus, help me to be the kind of person who lays aside my privilege for others.

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