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“They did not repent of what they had been doing.” Revelation 16:11

I’ve been strong-willed since the day I entered the world. My Mom used to tout to her friends how I defined the strong-willed child of Dr. James Dobson’s famous book. While I don’t consider myself fearless by any stretch, if I wanted something I’d usually overcome what ever fear (or any barrier for that matter) required to get what I want. When I was 15, the intern youth pastor told me I had an intimidating personality. I heard it again from friends in college. My strong opinions got me in trouble at my first several jobs and even still endanger my relationships from time to time.

So I get what it means to keep going bull-headedly in the wrong direction. I understand how hard it is to repent. I would rather endure pain then bend my will to others most any day of the week. It makes sense to me that the people of the Earth did not bend their wills to God.

Are you like me, too? Is your greatest challenge not a behavioral sin but an attitude? Join with me in asking for God’s mercy and transformation to overcome.

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