Heart Palpitations

Posted on May 15th, by Vicky in Revelation 1:9-20. 1 Comment

Tonight my family and I were talking about the solar eclipse that’s going to happen this week. What a coincidence that N.T. Wright should reference the same thing in today’s commentary.

Seeing a solar eclipse (with eye protection) is a rare treat. It also delivers a healthy dollop of reality for human types like me who like to feel in control. You see, I like to make lists. If I have my list, I have control over chaos. But in all my years of list-making I’ve yet to pen one that looks like this:

  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Query an editor
  • Make the moon cross the face of the sun

I have to face facts–my lists have their limits. When it comes to an eclipse, I’m a peon watching some kind of celestial shuffle. Sure, I can track it, but I can’t control it.

And here’s another thing I can’t control–my heart rate when I read John’s description of Jesus. No kidding. It actually races. As a writer, I appreciate John’s attempt to put the spectacular sight of Jesus into words. Based on how excited I get just reading this passage, if I’d actually “seen” Jesus my heart would have thudded free from my chest and my knees would have dissolved long before I drafted a single sentence. A sure fix for a control freak.

I need to read this humbling, awe-inspiring vision of Jesus more often. I’m guilty of making him a “cosy figure” as Wright puts it. This passage realigns me and reminds me of his majesty and who I am in relation to him. His life doesn’t revolve around me. Just like the relationship of the sun and the moon, I’m meant to gravitate toward and rotate around his radiance.

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  • Amy Gafkjen

    I love to read your writing, Vicky. As a fellow list maker, I completely track with what you’re saying here. Jesus has a way of reminding us how little control we have, even the best list makers among us!