Here Comes the Judge

Posted on June 14th, by Vicky in Revelation 15:1-8. No Comments

It’s that time again in my office. Annual evaluations of staff are underway. Leaders try to encourage staff not to be nervous about these assessments, but to welcome them a chance to identify opportunities for improvement and to be encouraged when we are recognized for what we’ve accomplished. Of course, not everyone views their time under the corporate microscope as something to be excited about. But really, it’s judgment that assigns value to our work and makes us strive to improve. If staff never had evaluations or students never received grades, it would be a lot harder to stay focused or know where we stand–are we improving or not? It feels good to make progress and it’s motivating to be challenged to strive to do even better. I guess that’s the difference between punitive (stick) and evaluative (carrot) judgment. Thankfully, God’s perfect sense of justice and his judgments balance these perfectly. He can always be trusted and acknowledged for his wisdom and righteous decisions.

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