Hugs All Around

Posted on June 21st, by Christy in Revelation 19:1-10. No Comments

I must have movies stuck in my head now, because this scene reminds me of that moment at the end of every movie where the conflict is resolved and everyone left standing claps each other other on the back and laughs in relief. Whew, we made it! Hugs all around!

It also reminds me of when I finished my final project for my master’s degree. It didn’t even matter that I hadn’t gotten my stoll and diploma, I was DONE! I survived a near-death experience, coped with a debilitating and poorly-understood illness, experienced supernatural healing from that illness, and rode the roller coaster of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering of my first child during the course of my studies. Though God undoubtedly supported me through every step and I loved the learning process, there’s no parallel to the celebration welling up in my heart when I hit Send on that final submission. The feast was coming (Literally, Nathan was cooking it!) and the formal ceremony would come later, but the celebration began at that moment. To God be the glory! Hallelujah!

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