I’m a Wigwam, I’m a Tee Pee

Posted on June 9th, by Ryan in Revelation 11:1-14. No Comments

I don’t want to make too much of this but not only does the tone of chapter 11 change from the rest of the book, I found it interesting that the tense also changed.

When describing the prophets actions, the tense is present: fire “comes out” and they “have authority”

When it talks about the monster and the death of the prophets, it’s future tense: “will make”, “will be”, “will celebrate.”

However, when the spirit of life calls them, we’re back to the present tense: “they stood”, “they heard”, they went.”

I’m stumped. There has got to be some parallel to Jesus’s death and resurrection but I’m missing it. Let me know if you can think of anything.

Wait, don’t you get the sense that the victory is already won by these prophets even though bad stuff is going to happen to them?

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