In the Middle of the Muddle

Posted on June 5th, by Lori in Revelation 11:1-14. No Comments

Today marks half way through our study with NT Wright. Twenty three down and twenty three to go. I have always had a hard time with the middle of something. I like the beginning because it is exciting and I like the end because you can see your way to completion, and ultimately onto a new beginning. But the middle just begins to get muddled sometimes.

So as we come to the end of this passage in chapter 11, NT points out that right here in the middle,  “turns out to be one of  the most important and central statements of what John wants to say to the churches to whom he is writing.” NT says:

Suddenly out of the smoke and fire of the earlier chapters, a vision is emerging: a vision of the creator God as the God of mercy, grieving over the rebellion and corruption of the world but determined to rescue and restore it, and doing so through the faithful death of the lamb and…its followers.

Well now, finally clarity in the midst of muddle. Yeah!  The Good news in case you got lost in the details thus far in this book, is God loves us and is always working toward restoration and redemption. What a nugget. So if you find yourself getting muddled in the middle think on the things NT just shared and hang on because the best is yet to come.

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