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There’s soooo much here. God bless John for so faithfully capturing what the Holy Spirit inspired him to write even if he couldn’t fully grasp it at the time. (I wonder if his mind froze up a few times trying to get it all down. So boggling and so unlike anything close to our earthly experiences.)

Once again N.T. Wright has centered our focus back on Jesus and who is truly is, what he’s done/doing and how we are–praise God–connected to him. This concentration on Jesus is contrary to a lot of the Revelation-based teaching I’ve been exposed to up until now, and I appreciate it because I know this has to be a proper and God-pleasing focus. This focus also reorients us to Jesus’ majesty and pulls us away from the temptation to see him merely as our beloved buddy or spiritual side-kick.

Just one little thing I want to comment on related to us as believers–isn’t it humbling and gratifying to know that the incense bowls held by the elders are our prayers? It also makes me think about how many bowls I fill (or don’t fill) in a week.

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