Jesus, the Messiah

Posted on July 18th, by Vicky in Revelation 22:8-21. No Comments

When we started on this blogging journey, my first post was a prayer. I told God, “I want to see right into your world and let it change mine.” That truly was the desire of my heart starting out, and really, how could my world not be changed by this revelation–of Jesus. Never before have I studied Revelation with such a consistent focus on Jesus, who is the letter’s appropriate and rightful centerpiece. He is the one in whom heaven and earth meet. In him there is light and no darkness at all.

Dear God,

How could I have missed your revelation–of Jesus–all these years? I was too caught up in timelines and puzzles and re-reading the “pretty parts” about the crystal sea, the pearl gates and the dazzling foundation of the new Jerusalem. But there it was right in verse one–“the Revelation of Jesus the Messiah”!

Please forgive my laziness and shortsightedness. Thank you for your patience. Thank you another chance to see right into your world in a vibrant and compelling new way. The funny thing is, instead of having a satisfied “aha! Now I get it!” feeling, I’m left with a longing to know you more. It’s already time to go back and re-read your Revelation all over again with these new eyes. With each reading I trust the revelation will grow deeper and deeper. Thank you for giving me an eternity to continue to search you and know you more. Amen.

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