Justice is Served

Posted on June 14th, by Lori in Revelation 15:1-8. No Comments

Have you ever wanted justice so bad you could taste it? That your whole being craves the wrong to be made right? That you hope and pray that justice will be served? Well the day has come here in Revelation 15 verse 4 it says, “your judgments have been revealed.” Now I take that to mean that finally all is right and just in the world and beyond. As NT states this can be both a cause for celebration or anxiety. We like when others get what is coming to them but not so much when we get what is coming to us, thus celebration or anxiety.

Earlier in this verse the praises had begun. To finally praise God for making things right in my little world would be great, but to make them right for all, forever and ever, I don’t think even this awesome verse of praise is close to how we will feel when all is right in the universe. So on those days when we just wish justice would be served and could witness it, hold on to the fact that someday it truly will be.

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