Let it Change Mine

Posted on May 14th, by Vicky in Revelation 1:1-8. No Comments

Dear God,

Studying Revelation is going to be a challenge. But I want you to know that I’m ready to receive what you want to reveal. I may not always understand, but I will wrestle and grapple and parse out the many pieces that are missing. So many gaps to be filled. There’s so much of you to know.

Forgive me for making you me-sized, for trying to make you manageable and within my easy reach. I want to expand my view of you. I know that will take cooperation on my part moving forward. Don’t let me resist or gloss over the tricky parts and stray back into my favorite or familiar territory.

N.T. Wright wrote, “The early Christians believed that Jesus of Nazareth had become, in person, the place where heaven and earth met. Looking at him, and contemplating his death and resurrection in particular, they believed they could see right into God’s own world.”

That’s what I want. I want to see right into your own world and let it change mine.

Thank you for your Word. Thank you for this opportunity to more of you in your fullness. Thank you for the guidance of your Holy Spirit. Let the revelation begin. Amen.

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