Living in the In-Between

Posted on June 23rd, by Christy in Revelation 20:1-6. No Comments

I’ll be honest, when I finished reading Dr. Wright’s commentary on this section I was disappointed. The Millennial Reign is one of the most confusing parts of Revelation for me, and it seems like all he ended up really saying was something like this: “It’s all symbolic, nothing’s really certain, so just live for Jesus and everything will be fine.” Really? REALLY? Everything we’ve seen so far has so clearly been grounded in early Christian history, this seems to be the part where the rest of us might actually have some kind of part to play. But we’re content to just get all hazy here and focus on staying true to Jesus. And I thought there would actually be some scatological insight here.

But after I got done throwing my little mental pout fest, I realized that’s exactly the right approach. Jesus himself said only the Father knows the day and the hour of the Son’s return. If we understood the Millennium, the end of Revelation wouldn’t exactly be a mystery would it? If we “got it,” we would go build bunkers in old ICBM silos in Kansas and wait for the Day of Glory like some have done. God is intentionally keeping us in the dark about the day of the final judgment so we stay away from our little pout fests and stay focused on the important thing…growing in our relationship with His Son.

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