Movie Versus Book Version

Posted on June 13th, by Lori in Revelation 14:14-20. No Comments

There is a great movie from the 90’s entitled, A Walk in the Clouds. Although I do not remember where or why it is titled as such, there is a great scene in it where the entire family and town is invited to the harvesting of the grapes. The workers proceed to place the grapes into a large wood structure and the women are invited to jump inside this structure with their bare feet and begin the stomping of the grapes into wine. The celebration of harvest is so joyful and you can feel the excitement as they bask in the fruits of their labor.

This passage in Revelation speaks of clouds and grapes but does not appear to be a celebration but one of , “the winepress of God’s anger.” (verse 19) and “blood came out of the winepress” (verse 20). A whole different picture than the one I just described in the movie. And again NT reminds us that this is symbolism; the winepress is where God’s wrath is being prepared and the blood he speaks of is the blood of the martyrs for Christ who are being harvested. Wow John doesn’t disappoint with the hard stuff again does he? I think I enjoy the movie version better than the symbolic version in book of Revelation. Popcorn anyone?

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