No Fair

Posted on May 23rd, by Vicky in Revelation 3:14-22. No Comments

I sometimes tease about having an overactive imagination gland, but this passage always stretches my brain’s elasticity. There’s a lot of meaty stuff here, but there’s one part that I find especially mind-blowing and memorable.

Back in what seems like another lifetime ago, I worked in professional youth ministry. I recall a tearful conversation I had with a young man who always seemed to feel slighted by life. He was, from his perspective, getting the short end of the stick time after time. His theme song was, “It’s not fair.”

It was while he was talking/whining to me again one evening after youth group when God brought this passage from Revelation to mind (the Holy Spirit does work in mysterious ways!) I sat across the table, opened my bible and quietly read these words to him: “This will be my gift to the one who conquers: I will sit them beside me on my throne, just as I conquered and sat with my father on his throne.” What’s fair about that? I asked him.

Jesus is a righteous judge, but thankfully his idea of what’s fair is not the same as ours. Was it “fair” for Jesus to die a criminal’s death? And how is it fair that he should share his throne with us? This lead an eye-opening and humbling conversation for both of us.

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