No Replays

Posted on June 26th, by Lori in Revelation 20:7-15. No Comments

I love college football. I have loved it since I was very young. One aspect I appreciate about technology and football is the concept of instant replay. If you missed some part of the game, you can watch it again immeditely. Great for all us spectators but sometimes not so great for the players. That fumble that could have been avoided or the sack the quarterback just endured. Not always pretty the first time it happened let alone on replay.

As we come to the final judgment portion of this entire book of Revelation and of the entire Bible, I am very happy that there is no instant replay of our life. IT IS FINISHED as Jesus stated on the cross. That is WHY he died so it could finally be finished.

So as NT and our astute Pastor Dave have said, why would now all of a sudden in the end of all this redemptive story that has been 66 books long, God would then start up the judgment thing again with the big screen ( as I stated in a previous post) and replay all that we have done wrong and place it before all of those in heaven and before God for judgment? This is SO incongruent and I am so blessed that I now see it.

NT says.”When Paul ( who has written previous books in the bible) speaks of justification by faith , he is talking about the present reality according to which all those who believe in Jesus as the risen Lord already assured of the divine verdict…… and are also assured thereby that this same verdict will be issued on the last day.” Now this is congruent!! If Jesus already died for our sins, and we have been forgiven; then we have been forgiven for ALL past, present and future sins. It is finished and there are no replays.

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