Off the Record

Posted on June 4th, by Vicky in Revelation 10:1-11. No Comments

There’s a lot to comment on in this passage, but the part that got me was the section that “isn’t”–the “don’t write it down” part: “When the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write, but I heard a voice from heaven . . . ‘Don’t write it down.'”

I used to work as a freelance reporter, and it always seemed that the best parts of any interviews were the comments that came after someone said, “This is off the record, right?” Of course, I would honor the person’s wishes (no one will want to talk to you again if you don’t), but those were oftentimes the juiciest or most intriguing parts of the person’s story.

In my current job, I need to talk with reporters on a regular basis and find that there are times I need to ask for something to be “off the record,” not because I’m telling something inappropriate or secret, it’s just that timing isn’t right to share the information with the public or maybe I need to confirm a statistic first.

In the case of the voices in Revelation, they no doubt have their timing and story straight. Their quote didn’t need to be recorded, because (I’m guessing) John will be sharing their message later himself. But that must mean it’s also the juiciest part!


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