Posted on June 1st, by Vicky in Revelation 8:6-13. No Comments

I listened to a lecturer who started out by saying that when it came to housecleaning, she could put up with a few crumbs left in the silverware drawer or a a spot or two on a hallway mirror. She could even turn a blindeye to a dust bunny once in a while. A crumb? A spot? A bunny? Big deal, right? Nobody has a perfect house (sorry Martha). Her point was that we get comfortable, okay, sloppy, with a lot of things. And really, what is the big deal?

This lead her to the main point of her lecture–about sin. We get comfortable with a little white lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation; we drive 6 miles an hour over the speed limit on the highway (aka break the law); we rationalize, fudge numbers and wink at sin. But, she said, “God can’t wink at sin. For God, sin is an outrage.” I’ll never forget her wording–she didn’t say, for God, sin is upsetting or sin is disappointing or sin is a bummer. She said it was an “outrage.” It was a mini wake up call for me. I don’t want God to have to hurl stars in my backyard or set my house on fire to wake me up. But could I blame him if he did?


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