Party in Heaven

Posted on May 24th, by Lori in Revelation 4:6-11. No Comments

So glad I am journeying with NT. The weird stuff has begun. He explains in the last section who the 24 elders are: 12 tribes of Israel and 12 apostles or disciples.  Then he goes on to write that the four living creatures in verses 6-8 represent the four Gospel writers: Matthew, (the human face), Mark (the lion), Luke (the ox), and John (the eagle).  So great to make sense of this. Continued great revelations about Revelation!

So cool. Between these two passages we already have a party with our ancestors. But instead of making the party about us as we do here on earth with holidays, birthdays etc. it will be about worshipping the great creator of all things with others and animals alike (verse 11) both day and night without rest. (verse 8). Sounds like fun to me!

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