Right Hands and Foreheads

Posted on June 12th, by Christy in Revelation 13:11-18. No Comments

As Dave mentioned Sunday, Revelation is full of First Testament symbols and references. One of these is having something written on the right hand and forehead. Whatever is “written” there is ingrained in what you do (most people are right-handed) and what you think. Some strict Jews have even strapped little boxes with scrolls of scripture to their heads and arms to remind them of God’s words throughout the day.

That’s crazy, though. Right? We would never be that tied to anything, right? Certainly nothing that would distract us from Jesus! Or would we? How many times have you done a double-take in the grocery store at the man having a conversation with himself, only to discover he has a bluetooth headset hanging off his ear? Or perhaps been frustrated by a distracted teenager who can’t seem to go 3 minutes without texting? Or maybe the aging boomer who can’t turn off the TV, “…because I just need some noise.”

Nope, we definitely have this monster mastered. This one’s not for us at all.

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