Revelation 19:11-21

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“The victory here is a victory over all pagan power, which means a victory over violence itself.”

–N.T. Wright, Revelation for Everyone


The Weapons of Warfare

We have now come to the final showdown; the last battle between earthly forces of evil and Jesus with the armies of heaven. It...

Powerful Words

Revelation has been chock full with great acts of power. We’ve seen giant locusts, great dragons, hailstorms, earthquakes…all manner of powerful acts throughout the...

A Sure Thing

Who knows how will things will shake down this November.

Who knows what the result of Egypt’s “election” will be.

Who knows where the NASDAQ will be next week.

Who knows how...

Baklava Victory

If you have ever prepared or eaten the Middle Eastern pastry Baklava? If you have, you know how many layers it takes to comprise...

Key Questions

In this section of The Revelation we’re treated to an image of the final battle and the defeat of the beast monsters. Jesus shows...