Posted on June 1st, by Christy in Revelation 8:1-5. 1 Comment

Have you ever really experienced silence? The kind of silence where you can hear you heart beating in your ears? Have you ever really shut up long enough to know what it’s like to become truly still in your body and spirit? Likely not. I know before I started on my journey with spiritual formation I certainly hadn’t. The the last few years, however, I expanded that horizon. I still remember the first time I went on a spiritual retreat…going to a place of quiet and intentionally choosing to be quiet…it was kind of unnerving. My mind spun and buzzed and rebelled against the quiet. I imagine that must have been the experience in heaven right then. Heaven has been depicted so far as a busy, noisy place-angels, the four creatures, the 144,000 souls, all raising their voices in the cacophony of praises and petitions. And then…silence.

What would make you stop like this? Are you willing to explore the silence to find out what God might say to you there? If your experience is anything like mine, it’s well worth the risk.

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  • david mcdonald

    isn’t it fascinating to consider the passages regarding jesus’ prayer life? or paul’s? or john’s? they sometimes advocate silence, but we never see them practice it.

    i wonder if the same thing could be said of me?