Strangely Comforting

Posted on May 29th, by Christy in Revelation 6:1-8. No Comments

For some reason, the explanation of this passage is strangely comforting. Knowing that the institutional evils of the world (political tyranny, wars, socioeconomic oppression, and sickness/death) are supposed to run amok before Jesus conquers all at the end allows the last 2000 years to make a lot more sense. The reign of Stalin, the Crusades, the slavery of caste-driven India, and the Black Plague finally have a context. This is the in-between time, this is the time where evil beats its mighty wings and swoops down on the unsuspecting creation like Nazgul on the hunt. It’s also comforting because I know this is only chapter 6. This is a dark chapter, like the dark time we live in now. But like the book of Revelation, we are not at the end of the story!

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