Talking to Yourself

Posted on June 5th, by Ryan in Revelation 7:9-17. No Comments

As I write, I’m several days behind in my blogging. I’ve attempted to write something about this pericope several times but it either comes out too autobiographical or too… just too autobiographical. I say all this to apologize if my absence from the concerted effort detracts from the effort itself.

Now, to address the topic at hand.

I find verses 13 and 14 the most intriguing. We learned earlier in Wright’s discussion that the 24 elders represent the apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve tribes of Israel in this book are not the literal twelve tribes of Israel (the children of Jacob/Israel) but they represent all Israelites now (Christians). John is an apostle, and John is an Israelite (both literally and figuratively). Isn’t it intriguing then that John is having a discussion with one who represents him?

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