The Authors

Ken Brewer
Ken is the Chair of Religious Studies at Spring Arbor University. He is known for being playful, irreverent, and accessibly intellectual.




Vicky Lorencen
Vicky Lorencen is delighted to be delving into the book of Revelation and looks forward to sharing what God shows her with her Westwinds family. You know her best as the person who adds the snarky comments to Community Email each week. A sentence maker by trade, Vicky is a Communication Specialist (aka writer/editor/media & PR person) at Allegiance Health. In her spare time Vicky enjoys writing for children (her inner child is about 14), taking long strolls to the mailbox and watching commercials.


Ryan Phillips
Ryan is a research assistant at Westwinds and, in his spare time, practices law in Jackson, Michigan. In no particular order, Ryan loves God, his family, Westwinds, coffee, and his German Shepherd: Master Chief. You can find Ryan at the Hub on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

David McDonald
David is the teaching pastor at Westwinds Community Church in Jackson, MI. He weaves deep theological truths with sharp social analysis and peculiar observations on pop culture. He lives in Jackson with his wife Carmel, and their two kids.



Lori Malek
Lori is the new kid on the block (no not the 80’s boy band). She and her husband moved here last fall from Metro Detroit and are simply LOVING the Jackson Community.  She enjoys reading, writing and arithmetic (just kidding), and playing with her beloved dog Bella.



Christy Randall
Christy Randall is a servant and an administrator at Spring Arbor University. She has a master’s degree in spiritual formation and leadership and she strives to live in communion with Jesus during every moment of every day. She enjoys playing music, reading great books, intellectual conversation and hanging out with her husband Nathan, son Macrae, and dogs Bijou and Cimarron.