The Biggest Tsunami Ever

Posted on May 28th, by Lori in Revelation 7:1-8. No Comments

On December 26, 2004 one of the greatest tsunami’s to ever hit the earth rose up out of the Indian Ocean killing thousands of people. I remember hanging out that Christmas vacation watching the constant videos of this massive devastating event in awe and wonder. My heart just sank over and over at all the helpless people. I remember the news footage of the trees blowing over in half, the water rising nearly 80 feet in swells, the debris, bodies, houses, etc. floating back out into sea. It was quite a chilling sight I will never forget.

In verse 3 it is recorded “Don’t harm the earth just yet, or the sea… or the trees.” The soon to be devastation was to be “delayed until the servants of God have been sealed.” I am sure the people in Asia on December 25 would like to have known that the next day was going to be one that they, or those they love, were going to lose their lives in the tsunami. If I had the foreknowledge that the biggest tsunami ever was soon to hit, I would hope I would be in line to be a servant of God and sealed to avoid this life taking event. How about you?

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