The Bourne Ultimatum or the Ultimate Bourne

Posted on June 18th, by Lori in Revelation 17:9-18. No Comments

As NT says,” all this may seem to be complex beyond the point of comprehensibility, but the abiding and overriding lesson for the church then and now is clear…. The brutal but seductive civilizations and national empires which ensnare the world by promising luxury and delivering slavery gain their power from the monster, The System of Imperial Power.”

So my family’s favorite genre of movies is those that involve some sort of governmental involvement that has gone haywire with power with the good guy coming in and revealing all the evil. The Bourne Series, is our all time favorite (number four is coming, but I digress) because in the end the powerful government that programmed Jason Bourne to be an evil killing machine gets theirs, bit by bit or revelation by revelation through the current three part series.

So too, is the outcome in this passage with the ten emperors and seven kings. In the end they get theirs. It will be like Jason Bourne on steroids, only it is God, taking down ALL the evil of the world and getting all the justice that is coming to them. The ultimate showdown to kill the monster once and for all will make quite a movie- except it will be in real time.

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