The Earth’s Revolt

Posted on June 16th, by Christy in Revelation 16:1-9. No Comments

I admit it freely: I’m a tree hugger. I take my responsibility to steward the earth very seriously. Half my mudroom is dedicated to recycling bins. I heat and cool my house with geothermal. I stop the car to assist turtles on their slow trek across country roads so they do not get squashed by indiscriminate (or downright hateful) drivers. And on, and on.

So, when I hear about everything in the sea dying that makes my heart hurt like the open sores of the people who were judged. Doesn’t God love the sea creatures? Doesn’t God love the Earth? Of course He does! So why do this?

And then I think about wrath. Even the little tantrums of my almost 2-year old have plenty of violence. Then there’s the wrath of King Henry in “The Tudors,” which I’ve recently come to watch. He destroys items of priceless worth…simply because he is in wrath. The plagues are God-sized wrath. What else would suffice besides the destruction of the Earth itself? And in our current times, we’ve certainly done enough to our fragile ecosystems to warrant God’s desire to bring it all down and start over.

Wrath is not a comfortable topic to reflect on. Perhaps I would do well to sit in this uncomfortable place a little longer. What about you? Could you use a little reflection on wrath yourself?

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